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Hey you !

It is lovely that you stopped by this page to get to know me a little because I am always curious to know what ignites the creative leap of faith in people. Puraka Studios Co. is more than a business or a brand, it is my soul, my fire and part of my calling. I feel I was born to be an expressive and creative person. As long as I remember, I have loved singing, dancing, drawing and crafting and have attained great joy in it. As an adult when I was going through some serious life changing circumstances, I needed to feel the real me again that I had lost touch with while I was desperately trying to live a "perfect life". 

Puraka Studios Co. is the most authentic version of me; simple, high quality and uncomplicated, just the way life should be. It is my sanctuary because the moment I put my creative hat on, I am unapologetically me. Unrelated, but my red hair also make me feel very empowered. Don't we all want to feel that way ? May be for you it is meditation, reading, dancing, painting, working out, cooking etc. Our passions are what keep our souls fired, fill our hearts with joy and give us strength to move forward in life despite facing any road blocks. 

And if you are wondering "is that all she does ?" then the answer is no. I am full-time working young professional in the field of clinical research. I am also a part-time student as I enjoy learning and working towards the other half of my calling in life. I am scorpio, my favourite color is purple, I am a die-hard Bollywood fan, I love to eat (pasta and rice are just love), chat with my girlfriends and visit my local library. This is beginning to sound more like a dating profile but I promise it is not my intention :) I hope you enjoyed knowing me a little and put a face to the product. Happy shopping 

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