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Coffee & Tulsi Body Scrub

Coffee & Tulsi Body Scrub


This non-abrasive coffee and tulsi body scrub is gentle enough to use on sensitive body areas while it exfoliates and reveals brightened soft skin. Add some water, body wash or body oil to achieve your desired results. 
Tulsi, also called holy basil, may reduce post shaving inflammation, reduces hyperpigmentation and has antibacterial properties. 
Coffee grounds are a star ingredient and a staple in the body scrub industry for a very long time. They may help reduce cellulite, exfoliate and reveal a rejuvenated soft skin. 
Triphala- Ayurvedic superstar that does wonders for your skin 
Coconut milk powder and oat flour- Adds moisture to the skin and ensures that your skin feels soft as you exfoliate.

  • Granulated white sugar, Ground coffee, Tulsi, Triphala powder, Coconut milk powder, Oat flour

  • Mix the desired amount of scrub powder with water and/or our body oil in a separate bowl to reach your desired scrub consistency. Scrub your body in circular motion to reveal soft and moisturized skin. Not recommended for face.

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