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Colloidal Oats and Coconut Milk Bath Soak

Colloidal Oats and Coconut Milk Bath Soak


Emollient, antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory and vegan, this non-foaming luxurious coconut milk bath soak is the ultimate solution for dry and dehydrated skin. With a powerhouse of scientifically proven skin positive ingredients such as colloidal oatmeal, coconut milk powder, dead sea mineral salt, kaolin clay and baking soda, this coconut milk bath soak is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids (aka linolenic acids) and skin protective lipids. Collectively, these ingredients may assist in the relief of a variety of common skin conditions that are associated with dryness, irritation and inflammation (1). 
This soap-free and SLS-free formula may also be ideal for sensitive skin as I have only included the absolute essential skin benefitting ingredients. 

  • Sodium bicarbonate, Avena Sativa Kernel Flour (oat flour), Cocos Nucifera Fruit Powder (coconut milk powder), Maris sal (dead sea salts), Avena Sativa Kernel (colloidal oatmeal), kaolin clay, parfume

    Colloidal oatmeal is extra finely ground whole oat kernel (including the bran) and hence possesses some exceptional skin benefiting properties that are unmatched by regular oatmeal or oat flour which lack the bran. "The whole oat used in colloidal oatmeal, contains components that not only protect oat lipids from spoilage, they also form a synergistic mixture that enhances oat oil’s capacity to protect and nurture healthy skin." When used topically, colloidal oatmeal has emollient and anti-inflammatory properties; it reduces the inflammatory mediators within the skin which may result in experiencing relief from dryness, eczema, irritation and inflammation (1). Did you know that oats have the highest oil content of any other grain (upwards of 10%) ? This means that it is one of the highest source of antioxidants, omega fatty acids and triglycerides which make up a large part of our skin's phospholipid bi-layer- protective cell membrane . Colloidal oatmeal makes up the larger part of the formulation.

    I chose coconut milk for two primary reasons; first, I wanted to formulate a vegan product so people with dairy allergies may also reap the benefits of this luxurious milk bath and secondly, coconut milk powder has a mild coconut-ty scent which isn't overpowering unlike whole milk powder. This is important because this formulation has no added fragrance which means it is great for sensitive skin. Coconut milk powder is in fact an upgrade from dairy milk powder because it contains a balanced amino acid profile with hight levels of of essential amino acids: 71%-77%. It also consists of medium-chain amino acids that are known for anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties making coconut milk powder an excellent ingredient choice to help soothe and improve skin's natural barrier. Coconut milk makes up the larger part of the formulation. 

    The therapeutic benefits of dead sea minerals have been well known for over 1500 years. The dead sea contains exceedingly high magnesium salts plus calcium, potassium, sodium, zinc, concentrations which provide extraordinary anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, bathing in the dead sea mineral salts may improve skin barrier function, increase hydration, heal atopic dry skin and reduce inflammation in psoriasis, contact and atopic dermatitis (3). Research has shown that the minerals present in the dead sea salts may reduce skin's roughness and have anti-aging properties. The study also reported that Dead Sea minerals stimulated
    proliferation and mitochondrial activity, decreased the expression of some aging markers and limit apoptotic damage after UVB irradiation

    Also known as white clay or china clay since it was first discovered there, is one of the mildest clays and ideal for dry and sensitive skin. It helps draw out toxins and impurities helps cleanse the skin without irritation or redness and assists in the absorption of all the other emollient and skin soothing ingredients of the milk bath soak. Although not much clinical research has been done on the benefits of clays, some anecdotal evidence suggests that kaolin clay may have pore cleansing and skin brightening effects. In this coconut milk bath soak, the proportion of kaolin clay has been kept at a low percentage to promote skin cleansing for sensitive and dry skin as you will discover once you experience the bath. 

    A kitchen staple that has miraculous benefits which include soothing itchy eczema prone skin; thanks to its alkaline nature that maintains skin's pH balance. Baking soda has also been long used to help with psoriasis and treat skin rashes and bug bites. Baking soda also has antiseptic effects 

  • Place 1/2 cup or a few scoops of the bath soak powder under running water in the bath tub. Mix well and soak for 25-30 mins. You can adjust the amount of product as per your needs.

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