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One of a kind DIY Candle Making Kit

One of a kind DIY Candle Making Kit


Say no to messy double-boiler candle kits and say YES to an easy and fun filled activity of making candles and sharing laughter. Our One of a kind candle making kit is microwave friendly and comes with an elegant and unique glass jar unlike any other kits. We decided to make this kit for one person so everyone in your company can experience their own personal memory of unboxing and creating. This allows for a truly unique handmade experience that doesn't require supplies sharing however, we doubt you will have two microwaves at your place so you will have to share a microwave with a loved one. Sharing is caring😇. But hey, if you are going solo on this fun trip then all the hype goes to you for putting yourself first 🙌🏽 . CHARITY information is all the way at the end ⬇️⬇️⬇️


    The packaging was designed to bring joy to you or a loved one should you wish to gift this to them. Everything comes packaged in a glossy white box (8" x 8" x 4 ") that is tied with a ribbon (Red/Navy) and finished with a bow. Inside, you will find a double sided instruction flyer, color printed on a premium cardstock with glossy finish. A layer of blush and white tissue encloses all the tools you will need for a fun and entertaining candle making experience. All the packaging, except for the ribbon and some label paper, is eco-friendly, recyclable and/or re-usable. Our shipping box is also white and is elegantly branded to foster a sense of excitement and happiness. Under purchase options you may choose to add-on a blank card and we can handwrite your message if you are sending this kit as a gift or just a gesture to show love. Don't forget to leave us your message for the card. If no message is provided, then the blank card will be shipped as is. 


    1 - Detailed colored flyer with easy to follow instructions and pictures for visual guidance 
    1 - Glass pitcher (heat resistant)
    1 - Candle Jar (Black and Gold) inside a cotton bag
    1 - Pack of 100% Natural soy wax (205 gm)
    1 - Amber bottle with premium phthalate-free fragrance oil (20.5 gm)- Five exclusive scents to pick from
    1 - Wooden stirrer 
    1 - Candle prep accessories bag [ 1 lead-free wick, 1 wick sticker, 1 warning label, 1 clothes pin ]
         This pack will also include a mini bag of dried flowers (2 gm)

    1- Microwave
    Human(s) to make the candle 

    SCENTS: For our kit we have formulated five unique fragrance blends that are exclusive to the candle making kit. We really wanted this kit to be special. There is a scent for every one in this collections which is based on the beautiful words with deep meaning and purpose. 
    ----- > Hygge [hoo-ga]: | The ritual of enjoying life's simple pleasures
    Delicate blend of creamy coconut, earthy and herbaceous lemongrass and musky cedarwood with hints of ozone- Refreshing
    ----- > Fika (fee-ka) | A moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life
    Intoxicating concoction of holistic palo santo, floral french lavender and sparkling prosecco- Calming
    ----- > Ukiyo (u-key-yo)| Living in the moment, detached from the bothers of life
    Nostalgic infusion of crackling bonfire, velvety rose, woodsy bergamot and rounded sandalwood.- Warm and Smoky
    ----- > Ikigai (ik-ee-guy)| A reason for being; the thing that gets you up in the morning
    A quintessential winter scent with the of cypress boughs, freshness of white pine and hints of sweet vanilla- Cozy
    ----- > Eunoia (yoo-noy-uh) | A pure and well-balanced mind, a good spirit 
    Enticing harmony of exotic ylang ylang, fresh spruce, earthy eucalyptus and moss- Refreshing

    ➡️ ➡️Charity information ⬅️⬅️
    $2 from every "One of a kind candle making kit" sold will be donated to: 
    Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
    150 Kilgour Road 
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
    M4G 1R8

    For the past 13 years I worked in a paediatric clinic in Toronto as a clinical research assistant and met many families and children. Over the years I built strong bonds with many of these families and witnessed the positive impact the services of Holland Bloorview Hospital had on their and their child's life. Childhood is the raw platform of a growing individual and children hold a very soft and loving spot in my heart. Therefore, it only seemed right to me to support an organization that supports the children and provide them with all the available resources so they can live their best lives. The donations will be made on bi-monthly basis and donation updates of them will be posted on our website and social media platforms for you. If there is a two month period when no sales of this kit are made, preceding the donation time, I will donate $10 dollars to show my support. Thank you for joining me on this initiative. The first donation will be made- 6th December, 2021. 

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